Threats and damage control!

Two updates. Number one, Coby has reached out to another comic he owes money too (only $200), and is offering to pay him (claiming the non-payment was an oversight) in order to stop cooperating with this effort. He’s also admitted that he NEVER intended to pay me (Patrick Melton), despite being hired to work six shows, being told three checks were mailed, and then being ignored completely for over two weeks. NOW they’re trying to do damage control as inexpensively as possible.


First time you’ve heard of the feature that worked your club over three weeks ago? Weird. What about all those checks Butch kept saying you cut?

And myself (Patrick Melton) deserved to not get paid? You shook my hand and said the check would be sent and lied for weeks about multiple checks. Good business.


I have now been told both verbally and by text that Butch is having some “cousins” or “friends” come see me to give me a “hug” “soon.” This was followed up by a text at 3:30 this morning that simply said “Here.” I’m not trying to turn this page into a tome of screenshots and media, but I’d like to make a record of the threats on this page. Threatening a comedian who you hired to work your club after he speaks out for non-payment is not a way to fix this. ALL this site is fighting for is the money owed to comedians by clubs that employed them. This is a very simple issue. You have a checkbook and you have comedians addresses from the tax paperwork we filled out. Honor your word. I’ll be speaking to a few news outlets today about this story.



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