Lies, Lies and More Lies!

What’s going on over at Butch Bradley’ Comedy Hideaway? I’m a comedian of 14 years. I headlined the club over a month ago, and have yet to be paid. I’ve been told that THREE checks have been mailed, and now Butch and Coby are lying about me, calling me unprofessional and saying I didn’t perform. I have VIDEO proof of my shows, along with the insane conditions I had to endure on stage from the club. Coby Frier was not at all the club all weekend, and has no idea what was going on that weekend. For him to speculate based on what he’s been told is irresponsible, considering the LIES that are being told about me.

For instance, I missed appearing on radio Friday morning, October 30th to promote my shows. Butch tried to get me to pretend I was asleep or missing because HE was too drunk to come and get me. I was up, responding, and ready to go.


And then, Coby was LIED to and told I disappeared during a show. This is just not true. The rest is true – I walk off stage just about every time I walk on. I’m happy to post video from any of these shows. I’ve refrained from doing so until now because of some sensitive behavior and things said by Butch Bradley. I’m happy to post them later.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.04.08 AM

Butch and Coby can continue to libel my name and I’ll continue to collect the evidence. I’ve been a comedian for fourteen years and never been accused of not performing. I’ve also never had a club so outrageously lie about sending checks and then completely disappear from communicating altogether. Stay tuned to this site for a complete collection of screenshots and video, with the entire rundown of my weekend at this club. I wasn’t going to post all these embarrassing details about the club. I just wanted my compensation as promised. Butch and Coby continue to spread negative things about me. I’ll post the truth here.

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