Coby Frier / Butch Bradley Not Paying Comedians

Coby Frier and Butch Bradley, owners of Butch Bradley’s Comedy Hideaway in Atlantic City, NJ are not paying comedians. While they may be compensating larger acts that come through the club, they are preying on smaller, less known comedians to pad their shows with free comedians. They’re also not paying comedians they hire to work the club in the feature and headliner positions. When finally pressed on this issue publicly, both Butch and Coby have tweeted libelous accusations that are not only unfounded, but which can be refuted by eye-witnesses AND video proof.

I’m urging all comedians, fans of comedy, and entertainment seekers in general to find somewhere else to spend your money in Atlantic City. We’ll be listing other comedy venues in Atlantic City on this website so that you can have a fun night out without worrying about whether or not the club you’re at is taking advantage of comedians.


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