Coby Frier / Butch Bradley LIE About My Performances…

The owners of Butch Bradley’s Comedy Hideaway in Atlantic City have refused to pay me for my week of headlining work. They’re making up many false allegations about the week, but they’ve also lied about sending three checks.

I’ve been doing comedy 14 years and I’ve never not been paid like this and I’ve never been lied to and had stories flipped on me so many times.

Now they’re attacking my character and professionalism by saying that I don’t deserve to be paid because I was trashed on stage. First of all, that isn’t how this works. You hire a bad comedian, you fire them or pay them. I worked all week. Second, it’s very dangerous to lob allegations of substance abuse.

I have no other choice but to upload the shows from the week to show the conditions I performed under. Luckily this won’t burn much of my material since the majority of what I did was just interacting with the constant heckling I received nightly that went unpoliced and even encouraged. Is this a shining example of what I want people to think my comedy is? No. Was I the worst thing in this club on any night of the week? Nope.

This is the WORST show of the week, so I’ll start with that.┬áThese headline sets were supposed to be around 30 minutes. Some nights 25. I walked off this night around 20 because I couldn’t talk without being heckled by one of the 4 people in the front, or Butch from the bar. You’ll see. Slightly unprofessional? Maybe. Not as unprofessional as not having ANY announcements before your show about putting your phones away and not talking/heckling during a show.

Nothing to hide here. I’ll post them all once I get them pulled.

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